IMG_0800Nora Hickey is a certified interior redecorator who trained under Lauri Ward, nationally renowned designer and author of several Use What You Have Decorating™ books. She also has a B.A. and M.A. which she used in the fields of journalism and higher education.

Nora believes a home can look beautiful and function like a dream. She has lived this philosophy in four unique homes, in four states. She has kept much of her treasured furniture, art and collections. Let her help you do the same!

What You Really Want to Know

Nora walks the walk she talks. She has a dropped leaf maple table that began life as a kitchen table in her childhood home. And despite learning to eat vegetables at this table, she loves it! This table has been in four homes, functioned twice as a desk, a sofa table and yes, a kitchen table.

Nora has also used the same window valances in several homes. She is a big fan of slipcovers (the kind that are made to fit well) because they add useful life to perfectly fine furnishings whose only problem is upholstery. What works in the snow belt does not always work in the sun belt!

Serving Orlando and homes everywhere



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